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Psych Learning Master Classes
Crash Course 2022

Biological basis for craving, drug addiction, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, Psychosis, ADHD; Neuroanatomy including various neurotransmitters and their role in Psychiatry, Neuropeptide, Endorphin, Limbic system; Psychology including Kindling, Imprinting, Dream work, Intelligence including Emotional intelligence, Expressed emotions; Erik Erikson, Piaget, Carl Jung Sigmund Freud, Neo- Freudians ; Theories of personality and Projective tests, Biological basis of learning and memory, Cognitive distortions, Defence mechanism; Statistics

Adult ADHD, Anxiety , spectrum, Attenuated psychosis syndrome, Body dysmorphic disorder, CANMAT guidelines, Catatonia, Dissociation, Eating disorders, Erectile Dysfunction, Gender identity disorder, Grief reaction, Lithium toxicity, Mood disorders, Mx of acute psychiatric patient, OCD, Outcome studies of schizophrenia, IED, Recovery in schizophrenia, Schizo-obsessive disorder, Schizophrenia, Sexual dysfunction, Sleep disorders, Suicide and Deliberate self-harm

Child Psychiatry including ADHD, Specific Learning disorder, Child abuse, Autistic spectrum disorders, Conduct Disorders, Enuresis, Tourette syndrome, Psychosis and Mood disorder in childhood; Delirium tremens, Depots/ LAIs (Long acting injectables, ECT; Forensic and Community Psychiatry including Mental health act, 2017, NMHP, RPwD 2014, NDPS, IDEAS, Testamentary capacity, Psychological autopsy, Medical negligence and others; Geriatric depression, NMS / EPS, PMDD premenstrual dysphoric disorder, POCSO Act, Post partum psychiatric disorder, RTMS, Substance use Disorders including Opioid, Cocaine, Inhalant abuse, Solvent abuse , Nicotine dependence, Benzodiazepine abuse, Club drugs, Tobacco control in India, Epidemiology of SUD in India (AIIMS Study)

Breaking the bad news, CL psychiatry, Contributions of famous Psychiatrists, Culture bound syndromes in India, Dementia, Drug trials, EEG, Ethics in psychiatry, Euthanasia, Functional neuroimaging in psychiatry, Headache, HIV, ICU psychosis, Landmark studies in psychiatry, Lobar function test and Neuropsychological assessment, Neuroleptic malignant syndrome, NeuroPsychiatry including Cerebral dominance, Soft neurological signs, Phantom limb, Frontal lobe syndrome